1.1 Main Characters

Shi'ek: The protagonist in the show Dragon Wars. She is a 14-year-old girl who is destined to save the Elemental Realm from the evil DX-Clan.

Cooper: A thunder mage who helps Shi'ek defeat the DX-Clan. Later on, he turns against her because he didn't get what he deserved- to learn the aspects of magic.

1.2 Antagonists

The DX-Clan is the villain of Dragon Wars. They want to take over the Elemental Realm by stealing all the five orbs- fire, water, earth,air, and light in order to conquer the Elemental Realm.

DX-4: The leader of the DX-Clan. He is the master behind the invasion of the Elemental Realm.

Void 4: DX-4's commander. He is the one who commands the monsters to launch an attack on the Elemental Realm