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Dragon Wars takes place in the Elemental Realm, the home world of Shi'ek. There are 5 realms- the Fire Realm, Water Realm, the Earth Realm, the Air Realm, and the Light Realm. These realms maintain the balance in the Elemental Realm. Each of the five realms has their own dragons which protect their own orb.

Plot Edit

15 years ago, the elemental dragons of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Light defeated DX-4's magic because he was using the five dragon elements of fire, water, earth,air, and light for his own evil deeds. DX-4 was angry with the beings of the Elemental Realm, so he sends Hanna and Natalie on a mission to retrieve all the five orbs. Shi'ek must stop the DX-Clan and their monsters from conquering the Elemental Realm. 

In the Light Orb saga, they plan to use the Green Dragon for their own purposes.


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The DX-Clan uses these monsters to invade the Elemental Realm.

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