Trouble in the Fire Realm

At the DX-Fortress, DX-4 tells Pretty Cure that he lost his powers 15 years for a reason. He then tells them to retrieve the Fire Orb, but has a better idea in mind- get the Pile-o-Goos to invade the Fire Realm. At the Elemental Temple, Shi'ek and Cooper start training, when chaos spews into the Fire Realm for the first time. They stop the Pile-o-Goos from attacking with their Gooey Limbs, thus the monsters retreat. An elemental spirit comes up to them and says, "This is just the beginning of a new evil ...". Pretty Cure and Void 4 board the Voidship, leaving to get the Fire Orb's real location.


Race to the Orb

The elemental spirit introduces herself as Nifaria and warns them that if the Fire Orb falls into the wrong hands, the Elemental Realm is doomed, and the DX-Clan will rule. Shi'ek, Cooper, and the DX-Clan race to get the Fire Orb's location. It turns out that the DX-Clan is 10 steps ahead of them. After Void 4, commander of the DX-Clan gets the info, he retreats aboard the Voidship with the info about the Fire Orb's location, saying that it's in the Flame Castle. DX-4 congratulates Void 4 for his first success.



Shi'ek doesn't realize that she has the fake scroll from the last episode. Her master tells her that this is really bad, now the Void 4 has the scroll, he can get the Fire Orb. Meanwhile at the DX-Fortress, DX-4 tells Void 4 that the Fire Orb's exact location is in the Flame Castle, located on a mountain 4200 ft. high. Things get worse when the Pile-o-Goos return for round 2, and Pretty Cure is behind these attacks. Cooper saves the day by using his lightning spell. After the Pile-o-Goos' defeat, Pretty Cure retreats to the DX-Fortress.


Air Assault! Part 1

DX-4 wonders why the Pile-o-Goos are not doing something right. Pretty Cure tells him that it was Cooper's fault, so Cure White tells him to get the Gustflies to attack Shi'ek. He tells Void 4 to go to the Flame Castle. Meanwhile at the Elemental Temple, Shi'ek's master tells her to get to the Flame Castle before Void 4 does. She travels across water using a boat, but is inadvertently ambushed by 3230 Gustflies. Cooper comes to her rescue, using his thunder magic, destroying the Gustflies. Little does he know, this was a setup to lure the Gustfly King ...


Air Assault! Part 2

The Gustfly King attacks Cooper, who then tells Shi'ek to go the flame castle before Void 4 does. Cooper then uses all his thunder magic, vanquishing him. After the

defeat of the Gustfly King, Void 4 takes him back to the DX Fortress. Little does he know, the Gustfly King was not dead.


The new member