"Beginning of a new adventure"

Shi'ek begins her training with her master.  Things don't go as planned when Void 4 sends out 20 Venomous Mushrhums against her.  She uses her wits and is

victorious against these poisonous creatures.  Her master, Lok II, explains to her that she is the only hope against DX-4.  After the Venomous Mushrhums are defeated,

Lok II gives her fire powers to defeat the DX-Clan's forces.


"Heal n' Poison"

Lok II explains to Shi'ek that DX-4 was a corrupted mage, who sent Void 4 and Pretty Cure to gather the six orbs.  At the DX-Fortress, DX-4 tells Pretty Cure

to send 40 Venomous Mushrhums and 20 Healshrhums against them.   The Venomous Mushrhums find their base, and create a poison cloud in the Elemental

Fortress.  Shi'ek Must stop them before they cause chaos.  Things turn for the worst and Void 4 kills Lok II, leaving Shi'ek the defender of the Elemental Realm.


"Cure n' Void"