Pretty Cure (a.k.a. The Two Emissaries) are the two antagonists who help Void 4 achieve his goal- that is, to revive his true "Master". After the Dark King's defeat, they joined him on a mission to restore DX-4's true form.

Hanna (a.k.a. Cure White): The smarter of the two Cures. Uses White Thunder to destroy her enemies.

Natalie (a.k.a. Cure Black): Uses Black Thunder to destroy her enemies.

These two Cures combine their attacks to form the Marble Twister. The Marble Twister is a very powerful attack, when used, it can destroy the Dragons in one hit. They can also combine their attacks with Void 4 to form the Deadly Thunder Formation. They also resurrect Gyoza from his stony prison in order to destroy Shi'ek and the other mages that stand in their way.

Moves used Edit

Marble Twister- a basic attack that can destroy the Dragons in one hit.

Deadly Thunder Formation- a move that can be used only if Void 4 activates his thunder element, and the Cures wielding Black and White Thunder Respectively. This attack has 30% chance to paralyze their enemies. The opponent cannot move or attack for 4 whole turns.